Top 10 Best Panel Heaters Reviews

You may be looking for an efficient and economical heating solution for your residence or even your office. This can be especially challenging if you are constrained by a budget. Of course, you can opt for traditional HVAC options but they can be costly. If you want an economical solution, you may want to look into a panel heater. The following article will review the top 10 best panel heaters in 2016. Some of the advantages of a panel heater include the fact that they’re small and are economical in terms of power. In 2016, our top 10 models are:

10. Sengoku SP-160 Mini Panel Electric HeaterTop 10 Best Panel Heaters Reviews

If you want a heater that works in smaller rooms without overheating the area, try the Sengoku heater. It is a smaller version of the Sengoku models. The unit is made to last and it is a quality panel heater. It can stand up to daily use and operates very efficiently. The heater also operates quietly and you’ll barely notice it running in the room. The unit stands on its own and that means there’s no installation. It also has a compact design so it fits into any space, perfect for under your desk or in your work space.

9. Zeny® SoundProof 425 Watt Electrical Wall Mounted Panel Ceramic Convection Heater

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThe Zeny SoundProof panel heater is made to hang from your wall and provide warmth for smaller rooms. The heater is manufactured from ceramic for excellent heat transfer. The unit is colored white which makes sure it will match any decor. The low profile design also fits into smaller rooms well. The heater is efficient and gives you an economical choice to heat your home. This panel heater is one of the best options for heating a small room on demand. It is safe and you can even paint it to match your color scheme.

8. Envi High-Efficiency Electric Panel Whole Room Heater

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThe best heater is made to handle heating with a modern design. The unit will heat any room quickly and quietly. It is also easy on your power bill too. The white color fits into your home and decor. It matches any design. It is a safe and economical option to meet your demands for heating. For a smaller home or apartment this is the perfect option and it will help your power bill too! The panel heater is small enough to fit into any space without feeling clunky too. It is one of the better panel heaters on this list.

7. Amaze Heaters Wall Mounted Electric Heater, Heat Reflector

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThe wall panel heater from Amaze has two functions. First, it provides amazing heat to any room. The second function, is that is works to reflect heat too! The unit is simple to install and mount on any vertical surface. It is also safe to operate and delivers over 800 BTUs of heat. It is the perfect option for a room and it will take the chill out of any moderately sized space. The Amaze Heater is also economical in terms of price. It will match anyone’s budget. You don’t have to worry with this model either. It is safe and provides heat without worry.

6. Soleus Air HB15R-M2-32 Flat Panel Micathermic Heater with Remote

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThe model is a traditional panel design on casters to make it easy to move around. The heater has a remote control and operates on 120v. The panel is lightweight and offers a digital thermostat. The thermostat is easy to program so you get just the right temperature and it has a timer to program shut off. It is easy to get the heater to work on your schedule. It is an incredibly convenient piece of equipment. The heater is quiet and works well in almost any room.

5. Living Basix LB5320 Flat Panel Tower Portable Space Heater

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThe Living Basix LB5320 is a heater with a unique design when compared to the other units on this page. It is a tower and that means it fits vertically into spaces that might be a little more compact. The system also has an environmentally friendly mode with an efficient heating panel. You get a cost-effective, working heater that heats any room well. Another plus, this model has a digital panel for the thermostat. This means you can program the exact temperature you want precisely. It comes with a remote to make it even easier to control too! It’s a very convenient feature.

4. Cozy Products CL Cozy Legs Flat Panel Radiant Desk

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThis product is a smaller heating panel that fits perfectly under a desk. If you like the warmth of a heater on your feet and legs, this is the unit for you. The heater is a high-quality, made to last unit that fits into smaller spaces. The slim panel fits almost anywhere and heats a room efficiently without adding onto your power bill. You can use it on your desk or even hang it from the wall. It gives you many options for heating your work area or home and also fits into your budget.

3. NewAir AH-400 Portable Space Heater

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThis best panel heater is the perfect option if you want a quality heater that is made to last. It is a low wattage option too and that means it won’t raise your power bill. You can keep your room warm while keeping your costs low. That is a fantastic option. The unit operates nearly silent and is also made to be safe. There heater will automatically switch off if it falls over too for an added element of safety. The heater is a great option with a long power cord, which means you can move it around the room and position it anywhere you need it.

2. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThe DeLonghi HMP1500 has a slightly larger footprint but it is also the best heater on this list. It is made from heavy-duty materials that are made to last a lifetime. The heater is easy to move around with rollers on the legs and it will work in any room. Though it has a larger footprint, it is still easy to fit into any room. You can use it free-standing or hang it from a wall. The heater also has two heat settings for more specialized heating, depending on your needs. The heater is safe with a built-in warning system. The features on this unit are vast and you’ll be very impressed with the way it operates.

1. Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater,

Top 10 Best Panel Heaters ReviewsThis heater is a great option and one of the best heaters on this list. The panel is white in color which matches any home décor. It will heat a room but it also operates at a low wattage to keep your power bill down. The E-Heater is priced well and is low profile. The unit can heat a room up quickly and it is safe. In fact, the heater is cool to the touch when working. It is one of the most popular panel heaters on this list.

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